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존스홉킨스대학교의 Technology and Product Planning 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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Through the voices of start-up and product leaders this course makes transparent what it takes to build a digital health product for healthcare customers large and small. It outlines the planning, resources, process, and team needed to get a healthcare technology product from idea to operational at a customer site. Get to know the range of possible software products and team roles associated with them, walk through the healthcare software design process, learn the key steps for healthcare software product planning, and then find out what it takes to deploy at a customer site. Start-up leaders share moments that made them pause, question what they knew, and knowledge they’d bestow on future start-up leaders throughout the course. Product leaders in healthcare reframe the software development process from the perspective of the healthcare industry, a space with unique stakeholders, customers, and users. Leave with a map of how to build technology and a product out of your digital health software concept....
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