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Democracy can only thrive with the participation of well-informed citizens. The 2020 U.S. presidential election will be historic for many reasons and all parties are leveraging the power of technology to both influence and mobilize voters. More than ever, digital tools and platforms are shaping the opinions and behaviors of voters who will determine the future of the governance of the United States. This new course examines the unprecedented influence of technology and technology policy on America’s elections and democratic process and takes a close look at how a public sphere plagued by polarization, online filter bubbles, a lack of transparency in content moderation policies, and foreign and domestic misinformation and disinformation campaigns, impacts our ability to be well-informed citizens. In this short-form, community awareness course, you will: – Learn how U.S. elections work and about the challenges of implementing new technology – Explore the dynamics of driving voter registration and casting a vote during a pandemic – Examine the role social media platforms play in our ability to maintain a healthy public discourse – See how these digital tools and filters help shape our beliefs, preferences, and convictions as citizens and how they can grow and diminish the agency of individuals, movements, governments, and foreign entities – Understand complex technology policy questions that affect content moderation Be more than a voter. Register now and become an advocate for a healthier democracy....

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2020년 11월 14일

Hy, I am from Pakistan. My name is Qamar Abbas. i just have completed the course. it was very informative course. I learnt how technology is shaping over life our democracy and other fields of life.


2021년 2월 23일

Good course during the election of 2020. It was a very interesting topic of study

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