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In this course, you will be introduced to some of the challenges of teaching and learning listening and speaking, such as paralinguistics, performance variables, reduced and regional forms, and differing types of oral discourse. Don't worry--you'll learn what those mean, too! Then you'll learn how to ease the acquisition of listening and speaking for your students. The course also highlights the powerful opportunity to include pronunciation in listening and speaking classes and offers strategies to incorporate pronunciation activities....

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2020년 12월 25일

As always, great course. I just wish there were more examples for pronunciation activities just like in the speaking and listening section. But in any case, the course was so informative and engaging!


2022년 6월 12일

This course really helps alot in improving my English skills. I can now speak and write English fluently.

I will recommend this platform to my other colleagues. Thanks Coursera!!!! Keep it up.

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Teach English Now! Second Language Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation의 459개 리뷰 중 76~100

교육 기관: Manoj W

2017년 7월 16일

A fun-filled course that shows that the course designers have really put in a lot of effort. I wish more innovative strategies discussed in this one.

교육 기관: Catherine M D

2018년 7월 3일

This class was really interesting! I learned really great strategies to assist not only ELL but native speakers as well. Thank you so much for that!

교육 기관: Ibrahima D

2020년 6월 3일

Great course! Like the other ones, this course is outstanding because it is memorable and highly useful for anyone teaching language. Thank you!

교육 기관: Manuel A M C

2016년 12월 10일

This is a great course, giving you the tools to enhance teaching skills and comprehend learners' issues and improve, with good material and fun.

교육 기관: Burak Ş

2021년 5월 6일

Another spectacular course from ASU. just watch and listen to them. read about the articles and boom! you are about to be an English teacher.

교육 기관: Guillermo A M L

2020년 6월 4일

Excellent course! It has so many useful skills that we learn how to apply in modern teaching environments. I would recommend this course 100%

교육 기관: Sara B

2020년 1월 19일

it was such a very useful course and I do recommend this course for everyone looking to learn listening,speaking and pronunciation principals

교육 기관: Hazel A C

2022년 3월 1일

I really appreciate the time and effort the professors/instructors put into these lessons. I enjoyed it very much and learned along the way.

교육 기관: Mohamed I

2019년 1월 18일

Each and every course I say the instructor could never be more amazing than this and they amaze me more and more. The content is unbeatable.

교육 기관: cathy

2017년 10월 13일

I benefited a lot. Though I have been teaching for almost ten years, some of the ideas still apply to my classroom and give me inspirations.

교육 기관: Maia M

2017년 5월 22일

Thank you for this course. In spite of my experience I gain more and more skills and knowledge through my studying here. Maya Martuchenko

교육 기관: Frihhacene F

2022년 2월 7일

dear doctor my TESOL course progress stalled at 98 percent despite having finished. can you help me identify the problem? best regards

교육 기관: Aigul Z

2018년 10월 24일

The course is definitely worth accomplishing! Every teacher has to refer to the theories explained here to effectively plan and teach!

교육 기관: stephy O

2022년 9월 19일

It is helping me concrete my ability and it gives me confidence in so many ways as a linguist. Thanks you so much to the professors.

교육 기관: Donnalee C

2017년 3월 6일

I really enjoyed the lessons that related to various parts of the Wizard of Oz....made the class meaningful and "sticky". Well done!

교육 기관: Gomez G

2020년 10월 23일

An Excellent Course!!!

James and Jessica are wonderful teachers!!!

Thanks to coursera and ASU for this great opportunity!!!!

I´m happy.

교육 기관: Abigail C

2019년 11월 27일

Great course! Loved the opportunity to keep planning lessons and incorporating skills learned in previous courses in pragmatic ways.

교육 기관: Shwe Y P

2022년 7월 12일

Improves Not only English Teaching Skill But also English Language Proficiency. Well-organized and worth to invest time and effort!

교육 기관: Dubovitskaya M

2022년 6월 2일

Thanks for your amazing course! I really enjoyed it and got a lot of useful and valuable information. You'making the great things!

교육 기관: Bikshipta S D

2017년 4월 26일

Great course!As usual, Dr Shane Dixon and Dr Jessica Cinco were at their usual best. I loved watching their videos and leant a lot.

교육 기관: oksana s

2022년 9월 9일

Perfect course. I like it a lot. Thank you for such a great opportunity to be your student. It's such a great experience for me.

교육 기관: Mustapha E A

2020년 3월 30일

I really loved that course. It helped me a lot. I changed my mind about speaking in American accent. I have to keep my accent.

교육 기관: Munkho G

2021년 2월 24일

I had a lot of fun with this course. The coaches are very good at conveying the content in a playful way. Thank you so much!

교육 기관: SULIMAN A S A

2016년 8월 12일

Thank you so much, I loved this course. I am looking forward to participating in next course. Once again, Thank you so much.

교육 기관: Fernando A d N

2022년 1월 9일

Execellent! Congratulations for all the staff and for all the effort to make this course so much valuable and interesting.