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The urgent transition towards a low-carbon economy will profoundly change our economy. Households, companies and financial intermediaries have to be ready in order to avoid the downside risks and seize the opportunities created by climate change. The Finance of Climate Change MOOC will explain (i) how climate change and the policies aimed to mitigate it will impact the different businesses and (ii) the means and tools at the disposal of companies, banks and investors to be part of this transition. What is the shadow price of carbon? What makes a bond green? How can investors steer the decarbonization of a company? How can we make sure that a company is making real efforts to make its business model climate-resilient and not just greenwashing? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this MOOC. This MOOC covers the financial risks and opportunities of climate change and how companies can finance their green transition, for example by issuing green securities. You will also learn how financial intermediaries address climate change risks and why central banks are concerned about climate change. This MOOC is for those who wish to understand the finance of climate. It is not necessary to have specialized prior knowledge, apart from basic familiarity with accounting and financial concepts such as discounted cash flows. We do suggest, however, taking the first and second MOOC of this specialization before starting this one in order to gain a simple but solid understanding of the science and economics aspects of climatic changes....

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2022년 11월 3일

It is very good to finance beginners and a very structured moodle. Turns out the module leader is also a well-known researcher, which makes the course perfect for researchers as well.


2021년 12월 10일

A fantastic overview for non-financial experts on currently on-going climate change finance. Most useful!

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