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This course introduces Korean characters,'Hangeul', and provides high-level knowledge related to Hangeul. In this course, the background of 'Hangul' is created, who made the Hangeul, and according to what principle it is systematically explained. It also introduces anecdotes related to Korean tourist destinations related to Hangeul and teaches how to write Hangeul. Learners can increase their understanding of Korea, learn Hangeul accurately, and cultivate high-level knowledge of Hangeul....

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2021년 1월 30일

This is a wonderful course for those who have interest in Korea and Korean language. I would like to thank Professor Lee Keum Hee for conducting this lecture series in an easily understandable manner.


2021년 1월 11일

This course is really good, its explain all about Hangul. Its not just you learn Hangul but also learn the history of Hangul. Super recommended for you who want to learn Hangul or Korean culture.

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