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In Course 4, we are quite literally “putting it all together”. We will review the insights we gained from our barter experiment and use the tools we created each week to curate your Sales Toolkit....

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2018년 10월 17일

You learn a lot of stuff that no one else teaches you. You definitely get out of this course armed with another experience and a good amount of knowledge about sales and the whole process of selling.


2020년 4월 28일

Everyone I mean everyone should take this course, whether you are a salesperson or not. It's worth the time and resources invested. such an expository course that gives an insight on how sell (

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2020년 4월 11일

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2018년 10월 30일


2022년 8월 22일

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2020년 5월 10일

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2020년 4월 5일

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2020년 4월 13일

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2020년 3월 23일

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2020년 3월 26일

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2020년 6월 28일

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2020년 5월 29일