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This course focuses on communities and organizations in transition, and using the skills and new knowledge you have to lead change. In this course, we will discuss fundamentals of sustainability and resilience. We then go over the essentials of being a change maker. This course will provide further opportunity for skill building. We will go over asset mapping and needs assessments, two important skills that will be used for you to work with your clients so understand community and organizational needs, and have broad engagement, and use a systems-based approach to so that that the community can define its own needs and identify its own assets. This course will have three modules. Sustainability & Resilience will provide the basic principles of sustainability and resilience so that you will know the difference of these concepts and potential means of implementing them in your workplace and place of practice. In Needs Assessment & Asset Mapping, I will go over two important techniques that provide the community and organization needs front and center and allow you to engage stakeholders so that they have a voice and are involved throughout the process. Systems Thinking for Change will focus on using systems thinking principles as a changemaker, and provides tips and motivation for making change. Whether you work in a Fortune 500 company or a small non-profit, are a community organizer, it is time for you to step up and step out and put your new knowledge into practice. The road won’t always be easy and often non-liner. But real change requires radical change and true and genuine engagement with the people who will see and experience that change every day....

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