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This course offers you basic but valuable techniques used by a good translator in the translation between English and Chinese. We’ll discuss what is translation, what is good translation, and learn about how to produce good translations. All the examples used in this course are taken from the course instructor's own translations of various genres and topics of writing. These examples are elaborated on to show you how to understand the idea, style and tone of the writer, the historical and cultural context of the writing, as well as the explicit and implied meanings of words, the grammatical structures of sentences, and the logic of sentences and paragraphs in order to achieve faithfulness, expressiveness, and elegance in the translation. After completing this course, you will know what makes a qualified professional translator and acquire the abilities and skills that such a translator needs...

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2020년 4월 6일

Thanks for the efforts of Ms. Yuan, the instructor's and Coursera, the course is very good for improving my translation skills. It will be better to share some better translation in a specific thread.


2019년 6월 16일

The lecturer was very knowledgeable and skilful. The course content was very well planned and managed. On the overall, I am very happy to have participated in this course. Thanks!

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