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Do you have a desire to write a novel, write a screenplay, design a video game? In this project-centered course you will develop your own, original, intellectual property (IP) into a transmedia project containing written versions of your IP on various platforms. You will begin your novel, adapt the first chapters of your novel into the opening scenes of a film or TV show and create a game design concept of your IP. Learner review: "So much AMAZING information! The teacher and content are wonderful. Learned so much!" This is a course is based in "Active Learning" so that most of the actual learning takes place within your own activities - that is, writing! You will learn by doing. I am a proponent of experiential learning (also known as active learning). My lectures are short and succinct, designed in a step-by-step process essential to your success as a writer. I will guide you, I will show you how to get there, hopefully I will inspire you, but I won’t show you how to write or what to write. That is up to you, you are the only one who can illustrate your creative thoughts, by writing them! I firmly believe that the only way to become a writer is to write, write, write. You need to unleash your creativity and my plan is to help you to do exactly that! Learner review: "This is the most challenging writing course that I have done so far! But, it actually made me write the first two chapters of my novel and now, I am now looking forward to finishing the novel and getting it published." All of the assignments on this course are peer review. At each stage of the process, whether creating your novel, your screenplay or your video game, you will post your written work and review the works of your peers. Peer review is an extremely important element of this course. Giving feedback and getting feedback is essential to the development of your critical thinking and your growth as a writer. It is as important as the writing itself. This course is designed to tap into your creativity and help you to develop your skills in expressing that creativity through written words. Learner review: "It made me stay up to 4AM a few times, but its incredible. You will learn a lot, and it is a very fun class" Writing is a truly beautiful, amazing, satisfying thing. Imagine, putting your own words on a page to tell a story which enters your readers minds and allows them to share the thoughts, emotions and lives of your characters. It is a very rewarding experience. Learner review: "This course really pushed me to my limits and it is an eye opener for me that there are goals that I can still achieve and accomplish through the world of writing."...

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2020년 12월 27일

Very good way to develop three forms of writing with scripts, novels and game development with the same theme


2018년 7월 15일

It made me stay up to 4AM a few times, but its incredible. You will learn a lot, and it is a very fun class

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