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In this course, we'll give you the tools to quickly identify and solve real-world problems that you might come across in your IT role. We'll look at a bunch of different strategies and approaches for tackling the most common pitfalls of your code and IT infrastructure. You'll learn strategies for approaching almost any technical problem and then see how those apply to solving different real-world scenarios. We picked examples that include general system issues, issues with software that someone else wrote, and issues with programs that we wrote. We'll talk about problems that can affect any operating system, and we'll also look at challenges specific to certain platforms and scripting languages. We strongly recommend that you’ve taken the prior courses in this program, or already have knowledge of Python and Linux so that you can follow along with our troubleshooting examples....

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2020년 8월 15일

Great course. I learned a lot about troubleshooting and debugging. Not only learned to troubleshoot small issues but also bigger issues with applications, equipment, servers, network, etc..


2020년 8월 7일

Excelente curso, excelente instructor. Una gran cantidad de información muy útil.


Excellent course, excellent instructor. A lot of very useful information.

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