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In this course you will learn and practice several techniques for user interface evaluation. First we start with techniques that can be applied alone or in a design team, including action analysis, walkthroughs, and heuristic evaluation. Then we move on to user testing, including learning from a series of usability tests carried out in a real usability lab, and techniques to carry out your own tests even without a lab. Finally, we wrap up the discussion of evaluation--and of UI Design in the specialization as a whole--by looking at the question of how to set and measure usability goals, and in turn, when a design is usable enough to release it....

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2017년 12월 3일

Wonder courses for novice and advance users. The courses are not only theory based, at the end of every week there are assignment & quiz, which helps a lot.


2018년 1월 10일

Designing and Development team will realize the impact of usability and be able to fine tune in their products.

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