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Designing effective interactive systems requires understanding the needs and capabilities of the people who will be using them. In this UX course we will focus on how to interact with users (or potential users) to understand what they need, what they currently do, what they love and hate, and examine human capabilities and behavior as they relate to UX design. Learners will be introduced to numerous techniques to gather data from and about users. This course is part of the User Experience (UX) Research and Design specialization offered on Coursera. What you'll learn: Find out what user needs assessments are, what qualitative research is, and how the two are related. Learn an end-to-end methodology for qualitative research that is suited for understanding user needs. The methodology includes knowledge of semi-structured interviews, in-situ observation, and affinity walls. Be exposed to good practices for conducting semi-structured interviews, in-situ observation, and affinity walls. Gain some experience with semi-structured interviews, in-situ observations, and affinity walls....

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2020년 7월 9일

I really enjoyed this class and felt it was a great start to learning how to conduct user research. The professor, Kentaro Toyama, is also a fantastic teacher even with teaching via recorded video.


2020년 10월 11일

This course has really exceeded my expectations, each of the exercises that are raised lead you to a complete understanding of the strategies to follow to understand the needs of the user.

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