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Using cloud-based video conferencing platforms such as Zoom has become, for many people, a part of everyday life. This is particularly true for learners of all ages who are now spending more time online connecting with their peers or studying remotely. To ensure a successful learning experience for our online learners, educators and teachers need to feel confident designing and delivering a live Zoom class. In this course, you’ll explore the Zoom functions that are relevant to teaching a live online class, such as Zoom’s class management tools, break-out room function, chat, screen-sharing and the poll function. More importantly, this course will provide practical real-world examples of how to use these functions successfully in a live class setting, as well as provide an opportunity to design, develop and create your own Zoom lesson plan. The course is suitable for anyone who designs or delivers synchronous or live online Zoom classes. Learning Outcomes  By the end of this course, you’ll: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic functions of Zoom 2. Recognise the Zoom class management tools 3. Evaluate the ways Zoom can be used to deliver engaging live online class activities 4. Design, develop and create a Zoom lesson plan...

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