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Improving health care for veterans has become a matter of national attention and has gained increasing attention from the medical community. With the current surge of veterans reintegrating into civilian society it is critical to improve the training of the next cadre of providers who will provide care for our veterans. It is widely known that veterans receive care in all aspects of the health system, thus providers in veteran focused care facilities, military health serves and civilian locals must be aware of the unique needs of veterans. It is perhaps even more important to educate civilian providers who may be unfamiliar with the unique physical, mental and emotional needs related to military service. Course Audience - all health professions learners, example: - medical students, resident physicians, dental students, - nursing students, advanced practice nurses, - social work, pharmacy student as graduate level learners - as well as any and all health professionals interested in veteran-centered care What You Will Learn: This course will provide learners the opportunity to engage with material to facilitate their understanding of the origins of Academic Medical Centers and Veterans Administration affiliations, recognize and manage the influence of bias, class, and power on the clinical encounter and self-reflect on their biases that particularly affect U.S. military veterans. This course also features several video clips from the acclaimed documentary, Where Soldiers Come From, directed by Heather Courtney. The views expressed in this course are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position or the policy of the Department of Veterans Affairs or the U.S. government....

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2018년 3월 29일

This is a wonderful course for people who are interested in healthcare sector and for those enlisting for medical streams in the American Armed Forces.


2016년 8월 8일

Great course and one that needs more emphasis for our health providers treating veterans!

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