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캘리포니아 대학교 어바인 캠퍼스의 Verb Tenses and Passives 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This is the first course in the Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation specialty. In this course, you will review the verb tenses that you learned in beginning English classes and learn about a few tenses you may not know very well. In all, you'll cover all 12 of the English verb tenses and passive verb forms. Most importantly, you'll learn how to blend these tenses, which is what native speakers frequently do. This course is vital to your becoming a more fluent English speaker. Please note that the free version of this class gives you access to all of the instructional videos and handouts. The peer feedback and quizzes are only available in the paid version....

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2021년 2월 14일

I am endlessly grateful for this course. I’ve learned so much. And let me tell you something, I’ve enjoyed the videos from our teachers better than any Netflix movie I had been binge watching.


2020년 12월 11일

I had been learning tenses at several courses just before I found this one. I found it extremely useful and so interactive! Moreover, the teachers are so creative and so lovely unusual!

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