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In this course, you will learn about AI-powered applications that can enhance the customer journey and extend the customer lifecycle. You will learn how this AI-powered data can enable you to analyze consumer habits and maximize their potential to target your marketing to the right people. You will also learn about fraud, credit risks, and how AI applications can also help you combat the ever-challenging landscape of protecting consumer data. You will also learn methods to utilize supervised and unsupervised machine learning to enhance your fraud detection methods. You will also hear from leading industry experts in the world of data analytics, marketing, and fraud prevention. By the end of this course, you will have a substantial understanding of the role AI and Machine Learning play when it comes to consumer habits, and how we are able to interact and analyze information to increase deep learning potential for your business....

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2022년 5월 6일

One of the best courses to understand the application of AI in Marketing and Finance. Professors bringing in such valuable examples made this course a treat to follow. Thanks a lot, Coursera.


2022년 8월 7일

Great content and materials are easy to follow. The interviews with executives specialized in the matter enrich the content as well. Thanks so much!

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