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In this Capstone you will recommend a business strategy based on a data model you’ve constructed. Using a data set designed by Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), you will implement quantitative models in spreadsheets to identify the best opportunities for success and minimizing risk. Using your newly acquired decision-making skills, you will structure a decision and present this course of action in a professional quality PowerPoint presentation which includes both data and data analysis from your quantitative models. Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is the leading data research platform and business intelligence tool for over 30,000 corporate, academic, government and nonprofit clients in 33 countries. WRDS provides the user with one location to access over 200 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Economics, ESG, Finance, Insurance, Marketing, and Statistics....

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2017년 11월 1일

Good course that helps understand different considerations to take into account when creating models. Well laid out Capstone project to help understand portfolio diversification and Optimal Portfolio.


2016년 9월 25일

Really a great set of courses to understand and apply models to many different scenarios. I was able to use the skills I learned right away in my profession. Would definitely recommend.

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