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What is Cryptocurrency and how is it an innovative and effective method of currency? This course was designed for individuals and organizations who want to learn how to navigate investment in cryptocurrencies. Professors Jessica Wachter and Sarah Hammer will guide you through developing a framework for understanding both Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. You’ll learn how to define a currency, analyze the foundations of digital signatures and blockchain technology in cryptocurrency, and accurately assess the risks of cryptocurrency in a modern investment portfolio. By the end of this course, you’ll have a deep understanding of the realities of Cryptocurrency, the intricacies of Blockchain technology, and an effective strategy for incorporating Cryptocurrency into your investment plans. No prerequisites are required, although "Fintech: Foundations, Payments, and Regulations" from Wharton's Fintech Specialization is recommended....

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2020년 6월 9일

Explained everything in detail. I did have to do some of my own research to fully understand but it was overall great! Highly recommend for anyone who is trying to be more involved in the Blockchain.


2019년 6월 27일

This course was everything you said it would be, quite informational but a lot of work. I enjoyed the slides because they were advanced and quite organized with large volume - it is TRUE :) And I als

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