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Once you have a prototype and a clearer vision of the opportunity, you’ll need to create a small organization to discover how to create a repeatable and scalable business model. Designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the critical components of creating a start-up, Entrepreneurship 2: Launching the Start-up, provides practical, real-world knowledge about the lean approach, the minimum viable product, when to pivot, when to quit your day job, the art of the pitch, building and managing a team, allocating equity, and building your external team, advisory board members, professional services, and entrepreneurial strategy. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create a strategy for launch, including knowing who you need to hire, how to manage them to provide the greatest value, and what legal aspects are involved. You’ll also be prepared for Entrepreneurship 3: Growth Strategies....

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2020년 6월 16일

Course has been really insightful, made me aware with intricacies of setting up a business and what it takes to launch a startup..this will definitely help me in launching a business more carefully..


2017년 8월 19일

Thanks for providing this exceptional material, which clarifies and inspires people to launch their dreams into realities. Never is easy, but having this lectures as a tools to achieve them is great.

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