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Covid-19 has accelerated radical changes that will revolutionize retailing in every way. Shoppers' expectations are being ratcheted up, making winning (and keeping) those consumers all the more challenging. In this course, Professor Barbara Kahn will explain what it means to switch from a product-focused approach to a customer-focused approach and create marketing strategy to deliver real customer value. Learning from companies that have been most successful during this wave of change, this course will offer insights as to what we can learn from their ascendance. Building on these insights, Professor Kahn will present the "Kahn Retailing Success Matrix" which provides a framework that any company can use to create a competitive strategy to survive and thrive in today's – and tomorrow's – disruptive environment. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify the changing expectations with regard to creating superior customer experiences and valued-based branding....

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2021년 7월 29일

I took this a s what I thought would be a refresher course; it was SO much better-- dealing with post-COVID trends among other things. Really an amazing course and am incredibly good lecturer.


2022년 1월 24일

I am very satisfied with this course! Up-to-date, really practical. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about retail marketing strategies.

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