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How tall is a modern wind turbine and how can it possibly generate power from the wind? This course gives an overview of key aspects in wind energy engineering. Whether you are looking for general insight in this green technology or your ambition is to pursue a career in wind energy engineering, 'Wind Energy' is an excellent starting point. Experts located in the wind pioneering country of Denmark will take you on a tour through the most fundamental disciplines of wind energy research such as wind measurements and resource assessment, aerodynamics, wind turbine technology, structural mechanics, materials, financial and electrical systems. You will gain a rational understanding of wind energy engineering and, through hands-on exercises, you will learn to perform wind energy calculations based on simple models. Working with the different course disciplines will give you a taste of what wind energy engineering is all about. This allows you to identify the most interesting or relevant aspects of wind energy engineering to be pursued in your future studies or in your professional career. View our video: For other professional courses in wind energy engineering, visit our website at

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2020년 4월 20일

It's really very useful to research scholars to select different flatforms. I m really enjoying while answering assignments as well as quizes.. the hints that they provided are awesome... Thanks allot


2021년 7월 9일

It was a wonderful ride into the World of Wind Energy. The due diligence and teaching method of the instructors was on-mark and I personally enjoyed studying the course. Thank you very much, Team DTU!

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