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In this course, creative nonfiction writers will explore traditional storytelling methods, especially those which overlap between fiction and memoir. By looking at examples from a wide range of genres, including film, song, painting—even the theme music for Jaws!—we’ll practice exercising the creative muscle that sees ourselves as characters and the experiences we’ve had as tales. We’ll focus on critical elements, like how to begin a story, what makes for worthy content, the essential use of detail, the strengths and limits of dialogue, the power of the white space. The ultimate goal is for us to become aware of an “audience” when we write, so that the documentation of our lives will begin to resemble a “performance” crafted onto paper rather than a private entry in a journal....

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2021년 1월 25일

Very interesting and engaging! I learnt a lot about writing about myself, which is actually very difficult. This course provide a great start for someone who are looking for something like this.


2021년 8월 15일

I really enjoyed this course, I learned a lot through simple and clear approach. the method of teaching with Mr. Said was genuine and artistic; which what writing is all about.

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