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Seventy percent of kids drop out of sports before their high school graduation. Only 15% leave because they feel they are not good enough. Almost 70% leave because they were not having fun, or due to problems with the coach. Injuries cause 30% to give up sports. This course is packed full of practical sports science information that provide youth coaches and parents with the practical pediatric sports science insights to successfully retain young athletes and develop their sport potential while avoiding injury and overtraining. We begin by examining the multidimensional nature of coaching, the relevant sport motor performance abilities, the impact of growth and development on motor skills, the gene versus practice controversy, and briefly overview the body structures strengthened through training. Then we explore the athlete's energy supply, where this energy comes from, and how it matures along with the athlete. Finally, we examine the development of strength, power, anaerobic capacity, coordination and flexibility through the life span. The optional text manual for this course is available at:

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2017년 5월 27일

Great base to build on. Filled in my gaps with regards to physical/physiological development of young athletes. For me it is a great addition to the English FA Level 1 and 2 football coaching course.


2020년 12월 7일

This course was very helpful in how we can train our athletes and the factors that may hinder their performances especially when they transition from pre-teenage years to post-teenage years.

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