Why Do Cities Matter?

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Urban sciences, Urban research, Knowledge generation through research


Shaping Urban Futures: An Introduction


  • Placeholder

    Michael Keith

    Professor and Director - PEAK Urban, University of Oxford

  • Placeholder

    Juan C. Duque

    Director - Research in Spatial Economics (RiSE), EAFIT University

  • Placeholder

    Pengjun Zhao

    Director - Centre for Urban Planning and Transport Studies, Peking University

  • Placeholder

    Aromar Revi


  • Placeholder

    Neave O'Clery

    Associate Professor - Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London

  • Placeholder

    Susan Parnell

    Global Challenges Research Professor - School of Geography, University of Bristol

  • Placeholder

    Edgar Pieterse

    Director - African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town

  • Placeholder

    Tim Schwanen

    Director - Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford

  • Placeholder

    Gautam Bhan

    Associate Dean - School of Human Development

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