Evolution and effectiveness of meetings

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teamwork, English Language, Teambuilding, Problem Solving, Communication


Teamwork and collaboration in English

The content focus of this lesson - meetings and teamwork - enables students to explore websites, management tools and software to aid collaboration and teamwork in distance working and to practice lexis, grammar and language skills too.


  • Placeholder

    Mauro Calise

    Professore di Scienza Politica e Direttore Federica Web Learning

  • Placeholder

    Francesco Pellecchia


  • Placeholder

    Mariateresa Provenzano

    Adjunct Professor

  • Placeholder

    Emmanuele Del Piano

    Fondatore, Senior Project Manager, Trainer

  • Placeholder

    Francesca Ippolito

    Consulente e formatrice nel settore HR

  • Placeholder

    Anna Piacentini

    Presidente ed Amministratore Delegato

  • Placeholder

    Ruth Kerr

    International Department at Federica Web Learning

  • Placeholder

    Valentina Reda

    PhD, Research and Academic Development

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