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In this guided project, you will be using Neural Networks powered Amazon Translate batch translation feature to translate documents such as Word, Powerpoints and Excel sheets while maintaining the format of the documents. We will begin by exploring Amazon Translate and creating an S3 storage bucket with input & output folders. We will then create a batch translation job that can translate any document into any desired language. By the end of this project, you will be confident in working with Amazon translate and you will be able to translate any document (Word, Excel, PPT, HTML) to any language that is supported by Amazon Translate. This project is for professionals, businesses and freelancers who constantly need to translate documents from one language to another. Amazon translate is an amazing technology powered by AI and neural networks solutions that can translate your documents and files without destroying their format. We will be using the Amazon AWS Free tier which allows translations of up to 2 Million characters for Free every month. Note: In order to complete this project, you need an AWS account. Even if you do not have an AWS account, you will be guided to create a Free Tier AWS account in the project....

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