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Imagine working in a car rental company that has a manual system for keeping track of the cars that are currently rented out. Can you imagine all that paperwork and having to chase your manager across the office to approve each car rental request? Thankfully, with technology we can put many manual processes under control and automate almost everything. This intermediate-level guided project, “Automate Approval Process with SharePoint & Power Automate” is for any business professional who is looking to automate any kind of a business approval process and has some prior knowledge of Excel formulas. In this Intermediate-level guided project, you will create a SharePoint site and lists, and use Power Automate to automate approval process for car rental requests by employees. You will also make a calendar which will show when the cars are rented out, and you will learn to create flows that send reminders to the managers. What’s great about SharePoint and Power Automate is that anyone can learn to use them regardless of their educational background! Since this project uses Power Automate (part of the Microsoft Power Platform), you will need access to a Microsoft account and a Microsoft 365 Developer Program subscription. In the video at the beginning of the project you will be given instructions on how to sign up for both, as well as how to set up SharePoint. The SharePoint set up might take up to 2 hours to complete, so please take that into account. If you are ready to make your and your colleagues' lives easier by starting to automate manual, time-consuming processes that are hard to track, then this project is for you! Let's get started!...

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