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In this 1-hour long project-based course, we'll create an instance of Azure IoT hub. Once we have our hub, we'll then create devices that we can use for testing. Then we’ll learn to send the device to cloud(d2c) and cloud to device(c2d) messages using VS code, Azure CLI, and Azure portal. We will also learn to monitor the messages that are sent back and forth from our hub. Then we'll see how we can simulate a device for sending messages all without writing a single line of code from the Azure CLI. We’ll also learn to configure an IoT hub to facilitate file uploads from the devices and to store the file, we will also learn to create blob storage in the Azure cloud. Additionally, we’ll also see how we can make use of a simulator to send telemetry data to the Azure IoT hub, and then using the message routing feature, we'll learn to route the telemetry data to the blob storage for further use. This project will be helpful for anyone who is interested in implementing communication in the Azure IoT hub. You must have some basic knowledge of working with Azure IoT hub and storage accounts....
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