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In this one-hour, project-based course, you'll learn your first commands for the Linux command-line. You’ll learn how to bring up the manual for any Linux command, how to issue a command as a super-user to access restricted files and operations and how to navigate directories and display Linux command history. This guided project will introduce you to the following concepts: -Navigating directories -Listing, copying and moving files -Outputting to and amending text files...

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2022년 9월 18일

Oh my goodness -- so much better than sitting in a classroom. I could do what I wanted when & how I wanted. All the info was there, and I also had to do some googling to "get it". Loved it.


2022년 9월 26일

I enjoyed this course and highly recommend it to all beginners. At first I was afraid to take the course but wants I got into it -- it was AWESOME! Definitely recommend this course.

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