Create Mapping Data Flows in Azure Data Factory

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1.5 hours
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In this 1 hour long project-based course, we’ll learn to create a mapping data flow on the azure data factory. First, we’ll learn to create an azure data factory on the Azure portal. Then we’ll learn to create an azure storage account so that we could store the source data on the blob containers. We’ll learn to configure the source and the sink transformation. We’ll learn to work with basic data flow transformations such as select, filters, sort, joins , derived columns, and conditional split transformations. We’ll learn to create a simple mapping data flow in the azure data factory. We’ll also learn to create and combine multiple streams of data on mapping data flows. Finally, we’ll also learn to store the transformed data to the destination. You must have an Azure account prior.

개발할 기술

  • Mapping Data Flows

  • data transformations

  • Azure Data Factory

  • storage account

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