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By the end of this project, you will be fluent in identifying and analyzing customer journeys for new products and services and in deriving opportunities from your analysis, thus generating positive results for your business venture. This project is designed to engage and harness your visionary and exploratory abilities. You will use proven models in strategy and product development with the Miro platform to explore and analyze these customer journeys. This is an important step for individuals or companies wanting to explore new products or services. We will practice critically examining customer segments and products structures that affect the business. You will engage in evaluating, through examples and hands-on practice, making decisions on product orientation. Furthermore, you will assess whether to modify or keep the product structure when entering the market. You will be ready to take an entrepreneurial idea through a scientific and logical process, helping you validate your ideas for a new business or service....

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2021년 2월 20일

its good course for beginner, at least you know how to make customer journey using miro, and theory also help a lot.


2021년 3월 14일

Such a great project with clear explanation. I learned the basic of using Miro to map projects/customer journey.

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