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Coursera Project Network의 Data Analysis in Python: Using Pandas DataFrames 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This Guided Project Data Analysis in Python: Using Pandas DataFrames is for those who are interested in using python for data science in practice. In this 90-minute Guided Project, learn how to import and visualize an IMDb data set in Pandas. You will learn how to import JSON data into a Pandas Dataframe and apply the data preparation process to ensure the data is ready for analysis. To achieve this, we will explore the famous IMDb Movies dataset. We will start with importing our JSON data into a Pandas data frame. After applying some data preparation steps such as dropping and renaming some columns, we are going to start our data analysis by answering some analytical questions about the dataset. This Guided Project is unique as it focuses on how to use Pandas functions to filter, clean, aggregate, and visualize data. In order to be successful in this project, you will need to have basic knowledge of the python programming language. basic Python syntax, simple Python operators, and Python control structures are the main prerequisite of this guided project....
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