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In this 2-hour long guided-project course, you will learn how to implement a Siamese Network, you will train the network with the Triplet loss function. You will create Anchor, Positive and Negative image dataset, which will be the inputs of triplet loss function, through which the network will learn feature embeddings. Siamese Network have plethora of applications such as face recognition, signature checking, person re-identification, etc. In this project, you will train a simple Siamese Network for person re-identification....

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2022년 10월 16일

Overall, it is good enough.

it will be better if there is accuracy calculation,

thank you!


2022년 10월 29일

A very practical project discovering Siames Network.

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2022년 10월 17일

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2022년 10월 30일

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2022년 8월 31일