Deploy an NLP Text Generator: Bart Simpson Chalkboard Gag

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Welcome to the “Deploy an NLP Text Generator: Bart Simpson Chalkboard Gag” guided project. Text Generation is a natural language technique that leverages language modeling to create or predict new text based on texts it has been trained on. An example of text generation can be identified in the Gmail sentence autocomplete feature. In this project, we will deploy an NLP text generator model as a python Streamlit app. The model, which has been trained on all the text from Bart Simpsons chalkboard gag from the Simpsons, will be able to autogenerate new chalkboard gags. This project is an intermediate python project for anyone interested in learning about how to productionize natural language text generator models as a Streamlit app on Heroku. It requires preliminary knowledge on how to build and train NLP text generator models (as we will not be building or training models) and how to utilize Git. Learners would also need a Heroku account and some familiarity with the Python Streamlit module. At the end of this project, learners will have a publicly available Streamlit web app that leverages natural language processing text generation to generate new text for Bart Simpsons' chalkboard gags.

개발할 기술

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Python Programming

  • Streamlit

  • Natural Language Generation

  • ML Deployment

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