Exploratory vs Confirmatory data analysis using Python

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2.5 hours
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This Guided Project, Exploratory and Confirmatory Data Analysis using python, is for those who want to learn about different methods of data analysis. In this 2-hour-long project-based course, you will understand and apply Exploratory Data Analysis, build different Data visualizations, apply different exploration techniques based on the data at hand and define and understand the concept of Confirmatory Data Analysis. This project is unique because you will learn how and where to start your data exploration. You will also learn how to implement different data visualizations using python and when to use them. To be successful in this project, you will need to be experienced in python programming language and working with jupyter notebook environment. Let's get started!

개발할 기술

  • Python Libraries

  • Confirmatory Data Analysis

  • Interactive Data Visualization

  • Data Visualization (DataViz)

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

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