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Welcome to this project-based course, Get Started with R Markdown. This project-based course is for people who are learning R and seek useful ways to organize their work in R. We will start this hands-on project with an overview of the project; then, we will get familiar with the RStudio interface and install the rmarkdown package. Be rest assured that you will learn a ton of good work here. In this project, you will learn about R Markdowns and its’ usefulness to you as an R user. By the end of this 2-hour long project, you will be able to create an R Markdown, understand the different components of the file, knit the file as an HTML document or a pdf document and write some R Markdown commands. By extension, we will learn how to publish the knitted document on RPubs. This project aims at learners looking to get started using the R programming language to create reproducible documents. There are no hard prerequisites, and any competent computer user should complete the project successfully....

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Get Started with R Markdown의 2개 리뷰 중 1~2

교육 기관: amoulay

2022년 6월 2일

교육 기관: Steven P M

2022년 6월 8일