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In this project, you will learn everything basic about Microsoft Excel. This program is wonderful to work with numbers, analytics, tables and create inventories. It is a program that facilitates our work to keep everything in order. You can find information about each section that we have and cover the essential tools of this program. You will be completing different tasks to understand and use the Microsoft Excel tool. Excel contains many non-visible tools that we will discuss along with this project. You can know several formula options that are available. Learn how to accommodate these forms to your liking, with visibility is perceptible and attractive. We will talk about numbers, organization, colors, and letters. We will organize the letters even in different directions to get ideas to organize the content. Excel creates calendars of organization, inventories, daily, weekly, or monthly expenses, and much more. When this program was first known, it was more for people who worked with analysis in the positions they handled. Today, many people, from students to teachers to content creators to science analytics, all use this application. For that reason, knowing this tool and all the options that you can offer to facilitate you in personal or professional life will help you continue climbing in the world....
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