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In this guided project, you will explore Kaggle Competitions, Kaggle Datasets, Kaggle Notebooks which is a cloud-based coding environment, Kaggle Discussion forum and Kaggle Courses. We will begin this course by creating a Kaggle account. We will then explore Kaggle competitions, the prize money and how to participate in them. We will focus primarily on the legendary Titanic Machine learning competition. We will explore Kaggle datasets. We will also explore Kaggle Notebooks which is a cloud-based coding environment. We will also explore the awesome “Copy and Edit” feature from Kaggle notebooks that enables us to work on and improvise on the work of others. In the final tasks, we will explore the Kaggle community discussion forum and explore the theoretical and practical sections of Kaggle courses. By the end of this project, you will be confident in using Kaggle for your data science and machine learning needs....

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교육 기관: Zara A

2022년 11월 13일

교육 기관: Chaitanya k

2022년 7월 28일

교육 기관: yaopeijun

2022년 2월 17일

교육 기관: Stanley H B I

2022년 7월 29일

교육 기관: Ashish B

2022년 3월 29일

교육 기관: Abdullah A M

2022년 7월 26일

교육 기관: Nicolás B L

2022년 7월 19일