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By the end of this project, you have used Google Forms to create several tools to use with your students and parents in order to ensure a successful school year. With volunteer sign-up forms, you can simplify your volunteer process within your classroom and across the school. Through exit tickets and assessments, you will be able to check your student’s understanding of the content taught that day or during a unit so that you can adjust instruction to address misunderstandings or gather summative assessment data for student reports. You will also create a course evaluation that you can use with students to improve your approach for future classes. There are endless opportunities to use Google Forms - let’s get started! *You will need a free Google account for this project....

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2020년 10월 31일

Excellent way to learn fast. Thanks Rachel for sharing your knowledge and skills in making these Google Forms.


2021년 7월 29일

Easy to follow, basic Google forms creation and usage. Instructor has excellent, and easy accent to listen.

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2020년 10월 21일

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2021년 4월 4일

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2020년 10월 28일


2020년 11월 26일