How to Secure your Network Device using Cisco Packet Tracer

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1 hour
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In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will create a network topology using cisco packet tracer. Throughout the project, you will be able to authenticate the switches and the router in your the network topology, make PCs from different VLANs communicate with each other, and Finally configure DHCP protocol on the router and be able to protect your switch ports from attackers. This guided project is for people who are interested in getting started in the network security field and for the people interested in computer networking architecture. This guided project will enhance your skills in the network security field as the security field is one of the most promising fields in the next few years.

개발할 기술

  • Network Security

  • Testing connectivity

  • Configuring

  • building network topologies

  • Troubleshooting

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