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Coursera Project Network의 A Second Brain with Obsidian 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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In this hands-on guided project you will learn how to use the knowledge base app Obsidian. With its powerful interface, Obsidian makes it easy for anyone to structure note taking dynamics suitable for a variety of purposes: from personal journaling, to study or work notes. On top of that, one can establish links across notes and quite literally build a digital brain based on all of these connections, powered by Obsidian's Graph View....

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필터링 기준:

A Second Brain with Obsidian의 4개 리뷰 중 1~4

교육 기관: John P

2022년 1월 11일

교육 기관: Ebert M

2022년 2월 22일

교육 기관: Guillermo O d A

2022년 10월 10일

교육 기관: Elisabeth K

2022년 11월 30일