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In this 1.5-hour long project, you will be self-publishing a paperback book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You will be guided through the entire process of selecting a trim size, downloading a template, formatting the book according to the requirements of Amazon KDP, creating a book cover using the Cover Creator tool, setting up an Amazon KDP account and then publishing the book on Amazon KDP. We will also discuss keyword research & category selection to ensure your book appears on the search result. We will also be discussing the best practices to follow while choosing a Title and Pen name to avoid trademarks and copyright issues in the future. You will also be guided to handle tax and banking requirements while setting up a KDP account. By the end of this project, you will be confident in self-publishing any book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing....

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2022년 9월 19일

Self Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing By Abhishek Jha is the best project ever in my opinion

Thank you so much Sir, for Providing such kind of knowledge


2022년 10월 10일

The explanation and materials help me a lot to start my project.

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