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Coursera Project Network의 How to Transform Artwork in Adobe Illustrator 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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In this project, you will learn how to upload artwork to Adobe Illustrator, change view modes, manipulate objects within an artboard with selection tools, transform artwork, and save and export artwork. Specifically, we will use the basic transform options offered by Adobe Illustrator including the scale, skew, rotate, and shear features to create a cast shadow of a sailboat on an ocean. Mastering these transformation features provides a foundation for more advanced transformations and effects. In addition to transformation features, you will learn about native file extensions, how to use the layers panel and properties panel, and how to save and export files for use on other platforms and across a variety of mediums. Upon completion of this project, you will gain an overview of Adobe Illustrator and have acquired essential skills to begin experimenting on their own with creating original artwork or transforming existing artwork for business or personal use....

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2022년 10월 15일

This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!


2022년 8월 9일

true to the syllabus but Rhyme is really laggy on my laptop

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