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Do you know if your website is being used effectively? Are users taking the actions that you intend on your site? Usability testing is an iterative process to help you develop the best product. Usability testing can help you along the way as your product is developed to determine issues and to find solutions for those problems. In this project, you will be using Hotjar to set up a usability test and plan, you will be able to track your customer actions, and evaluate the effectiveness of your product or site....
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교육 기관: Rodrigo G

2022년 10월 15일

Basico no interm

교육 기관: Karolina K

2022년 11월 30일

I have added my personal full name, why there is no name on the certificate?

This project is about better usability but instructor was spelling links instead of providing the link ect.

교육 기관: marijato

2021년 12월 30일

This is a waste of time. In the end, I just opened a free account with Hotjar and tested with my staging environment. There are better instructions on the Hotjar site.