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If you don't use Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) Language, you will miss out on 95% of Power BI's potential as a fantastic analytical tool, and the journey to becoming a DAX master starts with the right step. This project-based course, "Using DAX throughout Power BI to create robust data scenarios," is intended for novice data analysts willing to advance their knowledge and skills. This 2-hour project-based course will teach you how to create columns, measures, and tables using DAX codes while understanding the importance of context in DAX formulas. Finally, we'll round off the course by introducing time-intelligence functions and show you how to use Quick Measures to create complex DAX code. This course is structured in a systematic way and very practical, where you get an option to practice as you progress. This project-based course is a beginner-level course in Power BI. Therefore, you should be familiar with the Power BI interface to get the most out of this project. Please join me on this beautiful ride! Let's take the first step in your DAX mastery journey!...
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