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In this second course, you will dive deeper into the world of bookkeeping and focus on accounting for assets. If you are familiar with bookkeeping basics, such as double entry accounting, you are ready for this course. You will gain an understanding of common asset types, learn how to account for inventory, calculate cost of goods sold, and work with Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E). Upon completing this course, you will use your new knowledge of assets to record transactions and produce financial statements for increasingly complex business situations. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Summarize the common types of assets a business may have -Describe the importance of control over inventory -Outline how depreciation expense is reported on an income statement -Illustrate how transactions can be recorded in terms of the resulting change in the elements of the accounting equation. Course 1 Bookkeeper Basics, or the equivalent, is a recommended prerequisite for this course....

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2022년 8월 31일

The material doesn't lend itself to a captivating tale but it is presented very well and the fact that it can be done at one's own rate is wonderful for those of us who have limited time.


2022년 7월 10일

Again.....I have been working as a bookkeeper for almost 20 years. I have an associates in accounting. This program explains things much better than anything I have heard to date. :)

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