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This capstone project course takes you through a guided journey of putting together a comprehensive agile transformation packet. To create this packet, you will be creatively applying the concepts and tools we have covered in the first four courses of this Specialization. In the capstone course scenario, you were hired as a Senior Scrum Master at Nike. You will understand what a Fortune 100 company would be looking for in a candidate by analyzing a real Nike job posting. If you aspire to work in a similar role, this exercise should give you an idea of where you stand today and what skills you might want to hone on in the future. You then will be completing a probationary assignment as a part of the requirement of this new role. Your plan should help you answer the question of what steps you will take in your first 30 days at Nike to develop yourself, your team, and the enterprise. The packet you will be developing consists of the following four elements: Transformation roadmap One-month-long Sprint Plan for personal development One-month-long Sprint Plan for developing a brand new Agile team Change management plan to strengthen Nike’s internal culture, support innovation, and fend off intense competition (alternatively, you may choose to create a plan for the company you are working for) The capstone project will provide you with a hands-on experience of strategically planning for change and applying Scrum tools. Don’t forget to have fun with it!...

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2021년 2월 28일

I have very much enjoyed this Specialization. Although it is geared more toward project management I find many of the principles are very useful when managing a sales team.


2022년 5월 20일

Great course - concise but sufficiently in-depth, informative and helpful to anyone interested in Agile and Scrum - change and business transformation - and much more.

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