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캘리포니아 대학교 어바인 캠퍼스의 The Art of Negotiation 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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The art of negotiation comes into play daily in the life of employees at all levels and in every position. Participants explore how current approaches to negotiation strategy and tactics are used, what negotiation entails, types of negotiation relationships that exist from hard bargain to win-win, to fully partnered relationships and personal ones. The course explores the personal and behavioral characteristics of an effective negotiator. Participants discuss how empowerment, power, and authority affect the negotiation process and outcome. Topics include how important it is to plan and prepare for a negotiation session. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Learn about the nature of negotiation and how it differs from selling 2. Gain awareness of the basic doctrines of negotiation and barriers to effective negotiation 3. Explain the role of authority and how to address it in negotiations 4. Explain the role of power in negotiations and how to address power inequities 5. Explain the positive and negative influences of empowerment 6. Learn the different “stances” or negotiation styles negotiators might adopt 7. Demonstrate the factors that influence which negotiation style is implemented 8. Describe the personal and behavioral characteristics of an effective negotiator 9. Demonstrate your grasp of emotional intelligence and how it impacts the effectiveness of a negotiator 10. Assess your own values and personal style and how they affect the negotiation process 11. Learn about the critical importance of planning and preparation in the negotiation process...

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2020년 12월 28일

This course helped me to think more thoroughly about the elements of successful negotiation. I intend to incorporate ideas from this course into my practice of negotiation on the job going forward.


2020년 11월 15일

This is such a perfect course for negotiations generally in business as well in every other aspect of life .It teaches of so many key things in life including listening skills amongst others

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