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IBM Skills Network의 Back-end Application Development Capstone Project 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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In this hands-on capstone project course, you will apply many of the technologies and concepts you've learned in the preceding courses to build a website for a popular music band using multiple backend services. To develop the microservice, you will learn how to use Flask, a web application framework. Then you develop the main website with Django by creating a data model to define the tables and relationships and a controller to implement the business logic. The services will use PostgreSQL and MongoDB, an open-source document-based NoSQL database, and Cloud Object Storage to store and retrieve data. You will deploy the services and the main application to IBM Kubernetes Service, using RedHat OpenShift and IBM Code Engine. This involves creating a Docker image of your microservice and manually deploying the same to an OpenShift/ Kubernetes cluster. After completing the project, you review at least two of your peers’ projects using a provided rubric....
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