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In this course, you will learn how to use the BaseSpace cloud platform developed by Illumina (our industry partner) to apply several standard bioinformatics software approaches to real biological data. In particular, in a series of Application Challenges will see how genome assembly can be used to track the source of a food poisoning outbreak, how RNA-Sequencing can help us analyze gene expression data on the tissue level, and compare the pros and cons of whole genome vs. whole exome sequencing for finding potentially harmful mutations in a human sample. Plus, hacker track students will have the option to build their own genome assembler and apply it to real data!...

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Bioinformatics Capstone: Big Data in Biology의 8개 리뷰 중 1~8

교육 기관: Malay S

2020년 8월 3일

The course cannot be completed due to absence of the valid URL that can enable us to complete the given assignments. Not at all expected from your highly renowned institution.

교육 기관: Yasmine E H

2020년 8월 4일

This course is disappointing because the links do not work! I really hope that they will be fixed soon.

교육 기관: Markella M

2022년 3월 13일

What a sad anticlimax to an otherwise really good specialisation!!!

Important data for this course, as well as vital links, no longer exist. The organisers have been made aware of this 2 years ago and no-one appears to have done anything. Unless the data is re-shared, it is probably best to make this course obsolete.

If you persevere like I did, and you use your own head and show some initiative, it is possible to complete 2 out of 3 assignments of this course , however don't expect your answers to match the "stock" answers. This makes grading yourself and other people farsical.

교육 기관: Mike L

2022년 5월 15일

Links were dead to the data set since a few years ago. Assignments were impossilbe to complete as of 2022/05/15

교육 기관: Kalyani A

2019년 9월 4일

I hope that the links to access data in the peer graded assignments gets fixed soon!

교육 기관: Jaehyun L

2022년 12월 24일

The Final Projects are ok in giving an insight but there are 2 huge issues with this course.

1. Some of the software/websites are out of date or have updated versions so the given manual in the course doesn´t really work anymore. This is a problem but not such a huge one. The second problem is really bad though.

2. Every single final project (3 of them) are all based on peer-reviews. Peer-reviews take a loooong time. Especially if you need 5-6!! of them. I have been waiting for 1 Months now to get my reviews and have been reviewing so many submissions from others. I have seen some submissions from 2 years ago!! This is a real problem

교육 기관: Tianyu W

2017년 8월 27일

This specialization is well organized, and the stepik interactive textbook is a splendid tool for learning. I learned a lot about bioinformatics algorithms from this specialization, especially from the programming assignments.

교육 기관: Christian S

2017년 2월 23일

Great course and specialization!!